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Luxury Adventure Travel

Vonturi is a new kind of travel experience bringing affluent travelers all over the world to explore the land and the culture without sacrificing comfort and safety.  Every experience is personally crafted utilizing the best local experts so you get the most unique and authentic experience ever imagined.  Because each trip is custom, the destinations are virtually unlimited.  No matter if you're looking for a tropical experience, mountain adventure or a winter wonderland, Vonturi can create your worldly adventure while keeping comfort, safety and luxury in the forefront. 

what's on your bucket list?

Life is a journey, and the route you take is critical to the experience.  With so many amazing places to explore on this planet, don't let the route most traveled constrain you from truly exploring your world.  Whether your idea of adventure is trekking through the massive mountains of Nepal, sailing through the pristine waters of the Caribbean, bicycling the actual route of the Tour de France or simply gazing up at the magical Northern Lights of Finland, Vonturi will customize your trip from start to finish and exceed every expectation imaginable to make your trip of a lifetime a reality!

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experience the culture

Experiencing the culture is part of the adventure.  That's why we hire the best local service providers to attend to your trip. You'll have local guides, chefs, massage therapists, cleaners, drivers, pilots, educators and entertainers all putting their best foot forward to ensure your experience is unique and authentic.  The cuisine, activities and entertainment are all derived from the local culture so you can truly embrace and experience the culture.

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Give Back

Every Vonturi experience gives a portion of the proceeds back to the community which was visited.  In addition to the money spent on local service providers, food and activities, a percentage of the total cost of the trip is donated, under the guest's name, to a local charity.  Considerable contributions benefit the local community in many ways including clean water, clothes, food, community centers and schools. 

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Investment opportunities

The post-covid travel industry is not only growing, it's changing.  With the baby boomer trends fading, the Gen-X and Millennial demographics are looking for something different.  They want to experience something unique, learn something new and connect with authentic local culture.  

Here's your opportunity to be the first to invest in a new brand of luxury adventure travel.

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