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Times are constantly changing, which is why our businesses need to keep up with with the modern web.  No longer do people look you up in the phone book, not do they learn about your business for the first time as they walk by your storefront. Most of your customers have researched your business on the internet before they step foot in your store or call to make a reservation.

Thankfully, now websites are easier than ever to create and manage without needing to be an expert in computer code. Thanks to companies like Wix, Shopify and Square, anyone can have impressive web presence and the capability to boost business without needing to expand your storefront. 

If you're still staffing a full time phone receptionist to take your bookings, think about how much time and money you'll save by offering online bookings instead. Stop paying for that print ad in the newspaper and join the world of social media. Are you still paying for that listing in the phone book? With a free Google and Bing business listing, you can take that money you used to give to the yellow pages invest it somewhere with a better return on investment. 

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